From deli to Dachshund, rotisserie to Ragdoll – we take good, unsold food from supermarket delis and make nutritious, pure meat pet treats – and reduce food waste.

déjà turns human-grade meat – destined for the bin – into tasty, sustainable pet treats, using advanced production processes and following stringent safety protocols.

Together we can rethink pet food – feeding real meat to our pets without harming other animals, while closing the loop by rescuing good surplus food.

Your pet. Best friend, foot warmer and part of the family – all rolled into a cuddly, licky, purry bundle. They love what you love. Your bed. Your favourite jumper. Your dinner.

The good news. There are people like you in the world, who believe unadulterated, meaty wholefoods are best for the hairy members of their family. (And we don’t mean uncle Albert.)

The bad news. Us humans waste too much food. Food that could be rescued and put to good use, rather than filling our landfills and releasing greenhouse gases. We know, because that’s what got us started.

Some paw-dropping stats that
started us thinking...


of all greenhouse gas emissions come from foodwaste in landfill.


of the world’s fresh water is used to grow and make food that is wasted.


of all food bought is thrown away. But together, we can change that!

*Statistics have been sourced from Mike Berners-Lee, Author, There Is No Planet B.

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love your planet

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