of good food saved from landfill.
High four!

from deli

to dachshund

We’re big on food safety.
Our process meets strict quality standards and hygiene protocols.

Process step 1


We buy food destined for landfill from trusted supermarket partners, that’s been frozen according to strict MPI hygiene standards.

Process step 2


All food is tested in our human-grade facility (‘cause it’s human-grade food) to meet our strict Re:Serve quality guidelines.

Process step 3


Small batches, minimal processing and nothing added = treats with the taste and nutrition your pet deserves.

Process step 4


Treats are sealed in compostable packs, so they reach you and your four-legged friend in tip top condition.


déjà wouldn’t be possible without our amazing supermarket partners helping us rescue good food from landfill. At the end of each day, they place unsold meat into déjà compostable bags and safely freeze it. We pick it up in compliance with MPI (including temperature testing) and take it to a human-grade facility in Auckland (FOODBOWL) where it’s made it into grain free, pure meat pet treats. All packed in home compostable, resealable bags to keep them delish for your Dalmatian.

Complete traceability

Lab tested.
Poodle approved.

  • Vet nutritionist tested at Massey University’s animal nutrition lab.
  • déjà is MPI approved as a ‘further food processor’.
  • All products tracked and traced – from deli to dachshund.
  • Our processes have been rigorously trialled and approved by pioneer stores New World Howick and New World Eastridge.
  • Always (taste) tested on animals.
SBN Awards Finalist