Introducing the friendly pack behind déjà


Leader of the déjà pack

Animal lover, planet worshipper, mum to five fur-kids and déjà founder. With a career in media and talent management under her belt, Clare waved goodbye to New Zealand and set off to travel the world. It was these adventures that ignited Clare’s idea to bring wholesome foods to our pets, while helping to tackle one of the world’s biggest challenges – food waste.

Clare’s a huge advocate for creatures who don’t have a voice (saving 19 donkeys and getting them safely to a sanctuary in Arizona). She’s also a mum on a mission to change how we humans manage our ‘foodprint’. Seeing both homeless animals and massive food waste on her travels inspired her to close the loop – to transform good food destined for the bin into nutritious food for our four-legged family members.

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Foodstuffs Waste Minimisation Manager

Dedicated cat fanatic and all-round animal lover with a passion for sustainability and a background in nutrition and food science. Francesca also happens to be the Waste Minimisation Manager at Foodstuffs, home to New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square supermarkets. She was stoked to work with déjà to look at ways to reduce and divert food waste – as part of her mission to empower people to make environmentally-minded choices – the ultimate feel-good factor for pet and planet lovers.


Food Tech Expert

Busy mum, who’s proud to be making a positive impact on the world for her kids and pets. Rebecca has spent most of her career developing and launching private label brands. She’s worked closely with companies across the food, beverage and non-food sectors both in New Zealand and overseas. As déjà’s specialist food tech consultant, Rebecca’s our go-to expert when it comes to food compliance, safety and labelling. And with her dog and two cats always volunteering to taste test our treats, she’s got a built-in consumer research division.


Compliance and MPI

These two keep us on the right track, with expert support and robust systems. Wolfgang is a former vet and has been working with food, meat and pet food companies since 1994. He helped us develop our systems and processes for food safety, quality and environmental management, and compliance. Laura works from her home in Northland where she’s learning to grow her own food and live a sustainable, cooperative lifestyle. She supports Wolfgang with food safety procedures, HACCP Plans, and internal auditing.

We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Foodstuffs

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